research to release

12 weeks

We'll research, design and develop the first version of your product or service (your Minimum Viable Product or MVP). We'll help you release it to a set of "beta" customers and observe how they use it so you can make an informed decision on the direction of your product.

This first version may be a service, an iPhone app, a website or some combination of these — whatever it takes to get something tangible into your (potential) customers' hands so you can learn from how they use it.


Our process

To get the most out of our time together, we follow a clear incremental and iterative process: We break the project into bite-sized chunks with each chunk or feature involving research, design, development and testing. We start small, adding and testing new features and revisiting them as we learn how your customers use them. This way, we're more confident that what we're building together is useful, usable and engaging for your customers. 

It all starts by getting to know you and your market…



You get to tell us about your idea (where it came from, who it’s aimed at, where you want it to go) and for us to tell you more about our approach and capabilities.

WHY? This first meeting serves to help us get to know and understand each other and be sure that we’ll work well together.



We talk to and observe prospective customers to understand their needs, the solutions they’re currently using, and how your product could help them.

WHY? This is vital to make sure we’re not trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist or re-inventing the wheel.


2. Product definition

From our user research and your market knowledge, together we define the core functions of the product, pare them back to the bare minimum, and prioritise them.

WHY? By prioritising we make sure we’re focused on the things that matter most and by limiting features we ensure we get something to your customers faster.


3. Design and build

We’ll iterate through sketches and designs getting feedback from yourself and customers, then do the same while developing the product.

WHY? By growing and iterating the product and getting feedback from you and your customers throughout we increase confidence that we’re building the right thing.


4. “Beta” release

We find a group of customers that are happy to use an early version of your app in return for their feedback. We send them the product, observe their usage and follow up with questions to understand how well it helps them.

WHY? Rather than betting everything on a big-bang approach we minimise any risk by getting early reactions from trusted customers.


5. Decision time

So far you’ve only invested 12 weeks and you’ve already gained some great insights.

Now, with data about customer usage and feedback, you’re ready to answer your initial questions: Is your idea useful to people? Is it viable? How could it be improved? Should you push on or pivot?