Small investment, large return

4 weeks

If an image is worth a thousand words, what's a working prototype worth when you're seeking funding or finding your first customers? We'll take your idea and design an app that you can walk people through, create a simple brand to give it some life and help you integrate your brand into your presentations.

If you're using the prototype as a sales tool, or need to show the service behind your product, we'll create a simple backend that you can update to make your whole offering more dynamic.

Not only will you have something of your own to present to investors, you'll have something you can test with potential users to be sure you're building something of value.


Our process

Time is limited but that doesn't mean we cut corners. We're focused and pragmatic in our approach ensuring you get the most from a short engagement. 


0. Prelim meeting

You get to tell us about your idea (where it came from, who it’s aimed at, where you want it to go) and for us to tell you more about our approach and capabilities.

WHY? This first meeting serves to help us get to know and understand each other and be sure that we’ll work well together.


1. Research, design and brand

We'll do basic research into your users and competitors, create a simple logo and colour scheme to run through the prototype and presentations, and design the core flow for you to show investors or customers.

WHY? Having even a simple brand helps your proposal look more professional and engaging. And using this brand to tie together your prototype and presentation means you spend less time on how it looks and more time on what you're saying.


2. Build

We'll build the main "user journey" of your product and a backend to power it using tools that make it easy to make changes as you get feedback. The backend means you can show investors an end-to-end experience or put your customer's name in your app.

WHY? Showing the whole flow or personalising your content for your customers makes your product more understandable and more engaging.


3. Integration

Now you've got a simple brand and a working prototype it's time to present the whole package to your customers or investors where it's important that your pitch and prototype support each other. We help by creating Powerpoint or other document templates so you maintain a consistent and coherent feel. We'll also deliver the prototype to those people that you want to give some "hands-on" time to.

WHY? People (including investors) respond better to well-designed products and consistent messaging so this integration of product and pitch is essential.