You have an idea. It feels like a good one. But you don’t want to spend 6+ months and £100k+ before releasing it to the world (or you don’t have £100k to spend and are looking for investment).

Whether you want to launch a new product, test new features in an existing product, apply for funding, or need a sales tool, we offer two simple products to get your idea to market and get customer feedback as soon as possible

If you're an entrepreneur, solo-preneur, non-technical founder, bootstrapper or something in between, we can help you research your market, build a first-version product, get it in front of real users and build on the learnings and insight you gain.


1. Funding/SALES prototype

4 weeks

If you’re looking for investment or are trying to sell a product that doesn't yet exist, showing a working prototype or proof-of-concept will make all the difference.

In 4 weeks we’ll design and develop a working prototype website or app that showcases your idea to present to your (potential) investors or clients. This can include light branding, designing the core flow, building the prototype, building a simple backend for you to update it, and helping you present it to investors.


2. initial product release

12 weeks

Is your idea ready for market? Is the market ready for your idea? The best way to validate your idea is to build and release a first version of your product (aka Minimum Viable Product) to potential customers and see how they use it.

Over 12 weeks we’ll research your customers’ needs, help you define your core features, design and build this first version and release it to a small number of “beta” customers (observing how they use it and what further opportunities lie ahead for you). With the insight gained you can then make an informed decision on which direction to take your product.


On-going support

Releasing the first version of your product or MVP is just the first step. We'll help you gather insights from your users, re-prioritise planned features and look at how to make the most of your momentum.